How to Grow the Right Kind of Twitter Audience

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Here’s what we always tell our clients at NewGround: You don’t need more followers on Twitter, you need the right followers on Twitter. The trick to making Twitter work for you is to find a community and serve it well by creating content that not only draws members in, but keeps them talking about you.

Simple Twitter Tips to Attract the Right Audience

  1. Attract a targeted and engaged following. Think about who your audience is and then seek to earn influence by paying attention to them by adding value for them on Twitter. Always be thinking about WHAT IS IN IT FOR THEM AND HOW CAN OUR COMPANY PROVIDE VALUE. Benjamin Franklin said it best. “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about”.
  2. Have a mission statement for Twitter. For example: Our account is where people who are looking to buy a new home in X location can find information about our homes, their new community and the area.  Your content strategy will be a lot easier once you have this.
  3. Spend time looking for the right audience and figure out how to be useful to them. Source leads and nurture valuable relationships by solving problems and sharing resources.
  4. Define who THEY are. Write down everything you know about your audience and provide content that is relevant to them. Listen. Learn. Care. Serve.
  5. Nurture your audience. Don’t shove your information down their Twitter throats. Would you do this at a cocktail party? Of course not.  If you simply give them information about your product that is actually useful to them, they will want to buy it.
  6. Have a content plan that is in line with your business goals and make sure that this content is relevant to your audience. Do it with a little finesse.  Use quotes, humor and tips that have actual value, news, events and promotions. Remember that you can automate some pieces of this. Here’s a guideline: Thirty minutes a week scheduling messages. Five minutes a day thanking people, favoriting and retweeting and five minutes finding the right audience.
  7. Learn how to talk on Twitter.  Don’t shout “Here’s my blog. READ it!” Say something like, “If you’re having trouble with this, then this a great blog that will help you.” See the difference.
  8. Talk WITH not AT your audience. Follow, favorite and retweet the people you want to build relationships with. Be generous and you will get more leads. That said, no need to engage with spammers. In short – be social instead of doing social.
  9. Measure. Use your Google Analytics to see how many people came to your website via Twitter and how many people converted to leads.
  10. Develop relationships with media and influencers. Give shout outs to the reporter and not the just the media outlet. Reporters work really hard and this goes a long way.
  11. Find out who your real audience is, and start listening to them. Who are their influencers? Follow them. Thank them.

Use these tips and in time you will drive good traffic to your website. Because of its informative nature, Twitter is the easiest social media platform for making connections. It’s the social media channel for meeting people you would not normally meet and gaining access to customers you would not normally have access to.

Remember to be human and connect on a personal level. Value + the human touch + interaction makes for building a great community. Remember that useful is the new viral.

Jamie Latta Director of Social Media for NewGround PR & Marketing

Jamie Latta Director of Social Media for NewGround PR & Marketing


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